Practice Areas

Complex Commercial Litigation
Legon Fodiman, P.A. is a litigation boutique, which primarily represents its clients in complex business litigation matters. The firm, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, has developed a reputation for legal expertise and integrity in representing a wide array of national, regional and local businesses, institutions and individuals. The firm’s partners collectively bring over seventy years of experience handling such matters. The firm was formed to take advantage of this experience and to offer a different approach to litigation than that generally offered by larger law firms.
Creditor' Rights and Collections
The firm is dedicated to achieving the highest degree of quality, effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining close personal communication with its clients. Unlike most large law firms, Legon Fodiman, P.A. is built upon a single premise – preparing each case as if it will go to trial. All of our work is focused on ultimately persuading a jury or a judge that our client is right. Our broad experience has taught us what is important and what is simply just a waste of time and money. We avoid costly discovery disputes and needless motion practice to achieve the best possible results for our clients at the lowest possible cost. This disciplined approach permits our attorneys to concentrate exclusively on the issues that will truly matter at trial without the usual distractions that discovery disputes can create. Because we represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants, our attorneys have the unique benefit of understanding the perspective of both parties to a case. This permits us to approach trial, mediations and settlement discussions equipped with the knowledge of what is important to the other side and how that can be leveraged for our client’s benefit. Our opposition also knows that we are prepared to proceed to verdict if required, which in our experience can also lead to a favorable settlement.